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Frequently Asked Questions

Check below to view answers to some frequently asked questions about Results Oriented Management.  If you have additional questions that aren't listed below, feel free to email!

What is Results Oriented Management?

Results Oriented Management, or ROM, is the name of a new budget process and allocation model being designed and implemented at UNM.  It is based on the key concepts of continuous improvement, net change, and aligning responsibility and authority.  While it incorporates some principles of Responsibility Center Management (RCM) and Performance Base Budgeting (PBB), it is a new budget process designed to reflect the uniqueness of UNM's structure and budget environment.

I thought UNM was implementing RCM (Responsibility Center Management).  Is that the same as ROM?

No.  While the committee evaluated several RCM models being employed at other universities, it became apparent that a traditional RCM approach was not ideal given a combination of UNM's organizational structure, funding mechanisms, and historical allocation methods.  ROM is UNM's solution to the challenge of incorporating the benefits of an RCM budget model into a strategic framework that will work for UNM.

My department doesn't generate enough revenue to cover our expenses.  How will this affect our budget?

As opposed to a traditional RCM budget model, the ROM framework is based on the concepts of continuous improvement and net change.  As a result, units will need to improve over the prior year, based on both financial and non-financial (quality) metrics.  This shifts the focus away from profit and loss typical of a traditional RCM model toward the more strategic approach of continuous incremental improvement.

We just finished developing our budget for FY14, how will this impact that?

The ROM will not have any impact on FY14 budgets.  However, the implementation team will be developing a shadow system that will allow units to simulate their performance under the ROM and compare it to their FY14 budget and actuals.

How does ROM work, and how does is relate to the overall UNM budget process?

To view a description of the details of the ROM process, click here.  To learn more about the implementation of ROM and its impact on the FY15 budget, visit the FY15 Budget Development website.