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Results Oriented Management

On May 2, 2013, President Frank announced the decision to create a Results Oriented Management budget process.  This announcement comes following the work of a 25-member RCM/PBB Steering Committee, which was charged with making recommendations on how to implement an RCM/PBB process at UNM while advocating and reinforcing the core values of the university.  The steering committee concluded that, while appreciating the improvements that many universities have achieved with Responsibility Center Management or Performance Base Budgeting, UNM's organizational structure and budget environment calls for a more straightforward and simple budgeting model to ensure the transparency and results we desire.  The creation of Results Oriented Management, or ROM, is a response to that conclusion.

For the most recent information on ROM and its incorporation into the UNM budget process, please visit the UNM Budget Development website.  For background and historical information on ROM, view the ROM Document Library.